Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Fruitful Enterprise at the Lemur Center

On April 23 the 5th grade classes from our neighbor, Duke School for Children, planted fruiting trees and bushes at the Lemur Center. The plantings were made near the new “Releasable Building”, and will hopefully produce a steady supply of fresh, organic fruit to supplement the lemurs’ everyday diet. Before the actual planting, the students directed a ceremony which included speeches, and an official ribbon cutting.
The planting project was an exercise for the students, not only in plantation and care of food producing plants, but also to give the students experience in other aspects from planning to publicity, to management and accounting of the grant. As this particular class of Duke Schoolers moves on, the following class will pick up the responsibilities of plant care and harvesting. We are looking forward to a long term and very “fruitful” collaboration with Duke School students for years and classes to come.
Fruiting bushes/trees planted: fig, plum, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, hardy kiwi, roses (for hips), melons.
The project was supported by a $500 grant from the Disney Foundation.
by Charles Welch, Conservation Coordinator

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